Beacon offers effective business solutions for managing construction projects through the following roles:

  • Construction Manager
  • Agent to the Surety
  • Project Manager
  • Superintendent
  • Funds Control Specialist
  • Scheduler
  • Change Order Clerk

Beacon's staff includes project management professionals with experience in a wide variety of projects including institutional facilities, residential projects, transportation and infrastructure, and environmental.

In addition, Beacon’s team members are well versed in the project management software Expedition®, which is utilized to maintain proper document control and to contain costs. Our staff is easily adaptable to any situation and will work effectively with existing personnel on a project. Our goal is to complete the project on schedule and in the most cost effective manner.

In the event that General Contracting services are required, Beacon Consulting Group, Inc.'s sister company "Beacon Merchant Construciton, Inc." does provide these services.


Beacon Consulting Group, Inc. thrives on a good challenge. Our expert team has a proven track record of success taking on the most complex Construction Management and Surety Consulting assignments possible.

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