Project: Various Educational Facilities Plumbing & HVAC
Location: Various Locations in Rockland County, NY
Project Type: Education
Services: Surety Consulting
Project Oversight

Description of Project:
The project entailed various HVAC and plumbing subcontractors on various project sites located in the Rockland County area of New York. Many of the projects contained deficiency lists which were completed to the obligee's satisfaction. Beacon met with each obligee, defined the final scope of work and devised a cash flow initiated schedule to complete each project.

Beacon’s Role/Services:
Beacon prepared an overall project status report which included all open payables, the cost to complete the multiple project deficiency lists and contract balances with change orders. Beacon negotiated the remaining scope of work with the obligee, reviewed all of the subcontractor and vendor claims against the payment bond and subsidized the field and office management to oversee construction and all project management aspects to complete each project.

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