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Staff News: John Yeung of Beacon's NYC Office Considers Options for Possible GAA Hurling Career

Editor's Note: The following news item was originally scheduled to run on April 1, 2017, but was delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. John Yeung, who heads up Beacon Consulting Group's NY area office, is well known for being an agile team player when it comes to Construction & Surety Consulting assignments. However, Mr. Yeung has also displayed an uncanny level of skill and coordination with a "hurley" which is the axe-like wooden stick used in the ancient Irish sport called “Hurling."

The top photo on this page is a photoshop artist's rendering of Mr. Yeung standing in his famous "Ready-To-Go" position. There is much speculation on both sides of the Atlantic about whether Mr. Yeung might accept lucrative offers from leading GAA teams in Ireland such as Tipperary, Cork, or Kilkenny.

The Irish sport of hurling has been played for more than 3000 years and is considered by many to be one of the most difficult and grueling games in the world. Players run full speed down a 160-yard-long field while balancing, bouncing, hitting and passing a small leather-covered ball (a "sliotar") which can travel at speeds of 100 mph or faster when hit. Although it's a very physical sport (tackling & two-handed jabs are legal), players wear only helmets for protection.

Mr. Yeung said that the “danger element” was a big factor attracting him to the game. He also noted that many years of navigating construction sites wearing only a hard hat, negotiating with subcontractors and vendors, and coed slow-pitch softball team experience have prepared him well for this ancient game.

The second photo on this page shows Mr. Yeung demonstrating his hurley-handling and sliotar-juggling skills during a break in the action at Beacon's NYC office. For updates on this story, please check back on April 1, 2018.

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