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Beacon Surety Consulting Update:
Substantial Completion Achieved For
Dayton Manor BOP Project (Brooklyn, NY)

As reported in previous E-news updates, Beacon Consulting Group, Inc. was selected to provide construction consulting / surety consulting services related to the completion of various construction projects at Dayton Manor, a 116-unit apartment building located in Brooklyn, NY. The apartment complex is owned by the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) and provides residential housing for federal employees (and their families) who work at two correctional facilities located in Brooklyn.

In November of 2017, Substantial Completion was achieved for the construction work that Beacon was helping to manage (and expedite) on behalf of the Surety. Given the complexity of the overall project, it is worth noting that Beacon was able to help ensure that the completion contractor finished all work successfully, with no punchlist items being idenitifed (or required) by the owner upon the final project walk-through and review of work. The owner's represenatives (and residents of Dayton Manor) were pleased with the improved aesthetics of the exterior following renovations done at the site, which included:

  • Site grading work and landscaping
  • Restoration of exterior walkways
  • Installation of outside seating and picnic tables
  • Restoration of a children's playground area
  • Installation of fencing

There was a fair amount of complexity to the overall project. For example, the construction work at the site entailed renovation and repairs to the roof of Dayton Manor's large underground parking garage, restoration of the ground-level site (above the garage), and a variety of repairs to the interior of the garage.

The roof of the underground parking garage (which is buried under several feet of fill and various lawn areas, walkways, playground, seating area and landscaping) required roofing / waterproofing materials which had to be installed according to the manufacturer's specifications. To satisfy the project owner's desire for a single warranty on the underground garage's roof, Beacon was instrumental in getting the roofing material supplier to provide a single warranty for all roof areas of the underground garage (including sections that were completed prior to Beacon's involvement, and which were completed by other contractors used by the BOP). Beacon is now coordinating with the Surety's legal team to help work through the necessary steps to fully close out the project.

Below are some photos from the Dayton Manor project site.

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Project Images:

Image 1: Underground parking garage at Dayton Manor.

Image 2: Exterior View - An entrance courtyard at Dayton Manor (located above the underground garage).

Image 3: Exterior View - New playground and walkways.

Image 4: Exterior view - new seating area and walkways


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