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Beacon Consulting Project Profile:
NYC Team Provides Construction Defects
Assessment For Leading Insurance Provider

Beacon Consulting Group has a long track record of providing construction defects assessments for leading insurance companies and other clients. Here is an example of one recent project.Here is an example of one recent project. An insurance claim was filed against a General Contractor (GC) for water damage which occurred in a newly built suburban home. The claimant alleged that water damage (and other moisture-related damage in the home) was the fault of the GC on the project.

After an initial claim which focused on water damage in the basement of the home, the claim filed was later amended by the claimant to allege much more extensive moisture-related damage throughout the home. In this case, the total value of the claim filed against the GC's insurance provider was in excess of the total value of the GC's contract for the construction project.

Following a preliminary assesment done by a mold specialist, Beacon's NYC team was retained by the GC's insurance company to provide a more comprehensive analysis of the amended claim, including expert construction defects evaluation services related to the alleged damage and construction work done at the home. The construction project where the claim was filed involved the new construction of a large, three-level home in the suburbs of northern NJ, not far from New York City.

Following an on-site visit and review of all of the following project and claim materials, Beacon was able to quickly develop a report to help the insurance company assess the claim. Among the documents and materials analyzed by Beacon were:

  • Construction contract specs & drawings
  • The contract workscope for the GC
  • Cost proposals submitted by the claimant
  • Various documents related to the claim, such as reports from other experts

As in most Claims Analysis / Construction Defects Assessment engagements, Beacon's goal was to quickly and cost-effectively provide the client with the best possible, easy-to-follow analysis of the claim, our findings, and supporting rationale / documentation.

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