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Beacon Team Member Profile: Marcus Lehner,
Construction Project Engineer & Surety Consultant

Marcus Lehner is a talented project engineer and surety consultant with extensive experience working on construction consulting assignments. A native of Long Island, NY, Marcus now lives in the Boston area. Marcus started working at Beacon's New York City office in 2014 upon completing his undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from Northeastern University. Since that time, Marcus has worked on numerous construction consulting projects, earned a Masters of Science degree in Structural Engineering (also from Northeastern) and transferred to Beacon's Medford, MA office.

Marcus has experience working on on a broad range of construction consulting assigments, including projects in all of the following categories: Educational, residential, transportation, marine, commercial and municipal construction. As a Project Engineer, Marcus has extensive experience managing day-to-day operations of construction projects, including handling submittals, transmittals, RFI’s, RFQ’s, closeout documents and construction management oversight.

Like all of Beacon's Project Engineers, Marcus helps assist Beacon's Surety clients on matters related to bond-default issues including cost-to-complete analysis, payment bond claim review, and assembly of completion bid packages. Marcus also has significant experience working on Construction Defects claims assignments. As one of Beacon's most tech-savvy staff members, Marcus is adept at using a wide range of software including Auto Cad, Microsoft Project, and other useful tools.

In his free time, Marcus enjoys focusing on a very fun and interesting hobby—inventing and developing card-based tabletop games. In fact, one of Marcus' games recently won two awards at the 2018 Boston Festival of Indie Games (see photos). His card-based game "D.N.Abled" won “Best Game in Progress” and “Runner-up for Audience Choice.” The game was also showcased at Kids Conn New England 2018.

Marcus has been working on and actively playtesting D.N.Abled in his spare time for over two years. It's a great game for families and especially fun for kids. D.N.Abled is a dexterity-based card game where players are mad scientists "blasting each other" with their genetic mutation rays! The mutations are determined by cards drawn by the players. To stay in (and win) the game, players must be able to continue passing cards. However, passing cards is made harder by wacky mutations like T-Rex Arms, or Crab Claws, or Flamingo legs! Each player's mutations are cumulative, so each round gets harder and harder! Marcus is currently seeking a publisher for D.N.Abled.

To learn more about Marcus' game, please click here.

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