Beacon Consulting Group, Inc. Staff News - January 2017


Beacon Staff News: Spotlight on Beacon’s Executive Management Team

In addition to Dennis O’Neill as President of Beacon Consulting Group, Inc., Beacon’s Executive Management team includes James Bruno as Vice President of Operations for the New England service area, and John Yeung as Vice President of Operations for the New York service area. In their roles as Vice Presidents, they are responsible for the overall operations of their respective offices including client consulting services, staffing and training, sales and marketing, and employee relations. Throughout their employment with Beacon both men have effectively combined their experience and knowledge of construction consulting with professionalism and a ‘get it done’ attitude that have greatly contributed to Beacon’s success.

Jim Bruno was appointed to the position of Vice President in 2015 and continues to play a major role in the overall operations for the Massachusetts office. Jim earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering, from Tufts University, and has extensive construction management experience on high profile infrastructure projects with contract values ranging from $5M to $420M.

Since joining Beacon in 2005, Jim has focused his expertise on assisting surety companies with complex bond default matters including financial assessments, project re-lets, management of construction completion, claims analysis, construction defect assessment, and expert testimony. In the role of construction completion manager, Jim has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to bring severely troubled projects to completion on schedule, despite major project challenges. Jim’s construction industry experience, in-depth knowledge of Beacon’s unique service areas, and understanding of corporate concerns clearly defines Jim as a leader at Beacon.

John Yeung was appointed to the position of Vice President in January of 2017, and is responsible for all New York area operations.  John earned a BS in Environmental Engineering, and an Associates in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State University, as well as a Diploma of Construction Management from New York University.   Since joining Beacon in 2006, John has consulted on and managed a diverse selection of projects within the educational, residential, infrastructure, healthcare, and transportation sectors.   John has also played a major role in the marketing and operation of Beacon’s sister company, ‘Beacon Merchant Construction, Inc.’ which provides General Contracting on defaulted and re-let construction contracts.   John’s construction knowledge, analytical background, diplomacy skills and successful performance of previous supervisory roles at Beacon clearly indicate his qualifications regarding his new position as Vice President.

Mr. Bruno and Mr. Yeung have greatly contributed to Beacon’s success in the areas of client relations, sales, management of project case load, and the overall fostering of a positive environment within the company.   We congratulate John and Jim on their successes, and we are honored to have such competent and effective leaders holding these key leadership positions within the Beacon organization. 

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